Kookie Flickr Contest Ending Feb 15th!!

REMINDER –  For everyone to submit your Flickr Contest pictures! You have till the 15th of Feb. Having fun seeing what you all are coming up with 😉


Here’s how it works :
At the end of the competition the prizes will go as follows:

1st prize winner – 2k gift card + Shop wall Picture Spot until end of Feb.
2nd prize winner – 1k gift card + Gallery spot
3rd prize winner – Shoe of their choice + Gallery spot

Please bear in mind to tag your pictures with KookieJanContest or they won’t be entered.
* Only new images are allowed please!
*Do whatever you wish to the pictures, have fun with it, however offensive images will be removed.

How to enter:
– Get snapping with items from Kookie!
– Join the Kookie update group at : www.flickr.com/groups/kookie/
– Tag your entry KookieJanContest

But most of all have fun with it!
I look forward to seeing alot of great pictures 🙂

Love Kookie


~ by kookienews on February 3, 2009.

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