*Kookie* Information on the chic heels

I made a little oopsie when posting the release , as I missed out vital information on what kind of options or way’s you would have for changing skin colour etc.

A couple of people poked me about it so I thought I would do another post explaining. Short but sweet 😀

To colour the toes to your skin colour , when you purchase a pair of chic heels you get a ‘ SKINTONE BALL’ that you either drop or attach and colour it to your tone

( notecard is included on how to )

There is also a HUD included that lets you change the toenail polish and turn the ankle fixer On and Off. ( So no nasty breaks in the shoes ! )

Ok so hopefully I cleared that up for anyone wondering and sorry for not explaining earlier.




~ by kookienews on April 12, 2009.

One Response to “*Kookie* Information on the chic heels”

  1. Damn you for making me want prim feetsies!

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